auraknot: Official Zentangle® pattern

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Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, founders of Zentangle®, show how to tangle “auraknot.”

Zentangle is an easy to learn, relaxing and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. We believe life is an art form and that Zentangle is an elegant metaphor for deliberate artistry in life.

Visit to learn more and for a list of Certified Zentangle Teachers.

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monika s says:

More videos, nice please ! 🙂

RedSoxKal says:

Make sure to lower your speaker volume before 0:31 or you’re in for a treat.

Angela Daly says:

Awesome, you guys are so much fun to watch, more videos please, spread the
love !

Bridger Spearing says:

You guys are awesome!

amjPeace says:

Yikes! This is so coooool! Thank you, Maria and Rick! I never would have
believed that I would be able to do it, but thanks to the pause button and
your “skip a point” instructions, I was even able to do the variations!
Thank you so much!

doforanimals says:

Very nice, and easier to make than it looks! Could you show shading a
zentangle in the next video demo? Thanks!

Kimberly T says:

Yes! rick and Maria, I so wish you would do one of these videos a month.
They truly are inspiring and get me back into the mood to get back into my
zentangle-ing! Please-Please!!!!

Hugh Blair says:

Great directions – thanks.

ohcustoms says:

VOLUME WARNING !!!! IF YOUR USING HEADPHONES. Awesome design, great idea!
Please, make ALOT more videos!!!!! L8r

Lolmonster777 says:

i learned the volume thing the hard way

strong angel says:

We used to do this at school.

Jennie Spooner says:

wow my dad has drawings like these from the 70’s he did

tyburt789154 says:

I’m glad I subed to u but u never upload videos

juliet boyd says:

amazing and beautiful!

skyfire62 says:

I used to doodle and draw on the back of coasters and then I found out the
other bartenders were serving drinks on my drawing side and people loved
it. Some asked me to sign them and would take them! I wish i had a stack
now to do my zintangles lol please post more videos!

Molly Markiewicz says:

Can you give your website?

Juan Gomez says:

I would totally mess the star up its to much for my weak brain to handle!!!

Giorgia839 says:

I’m so thankful I’ve stumbled into your videos. I’ve never heard of
Zentangles before, but it is the kind of doodling I’ve always had some kind
of natural inclination. It’s like you put order into my chaos! I just gave
your Mooka a try while having breakfast and I love how it felt to draw it.
Looking forward to seeing more.

Betty Kim says:

Right? Right

Rhonda Miller says:

This is so cool. I can’t wait to try it.

thescimitar says:

If you change the quality to HD, it’s very clear – you can make it full
screen too that way.

GuitarGirlsLife says:

what type of pen ore you using in the begginning

Elizabeth Short says:

OMG I can’t agree more!!!!

Lisa Aziz says:

Beautiful. Can’t wait to try it. What kind of pen do you use.

Anna Maria Stone says:

Wonderful! Thank you.

Susan Begley says:

These knots will look really neat on an egg.

Choi Tran says:

this looks so cool and yet so easy. Thank you for showing us!

Betty Kim says:

But you know what it can’t always be perfect

Suzanne Hopkins says:

I saw a lady who did this in my art class… it looks incredible!! I
remember in my psychedelic days some people did really complicated pictures.

Cre8tivemom2002 says:

Glad to see another of your videos! I’ve been neglecting my Zentangle; this
is just what I needed to inspired me to pick up the pen again. Thanks.

Elizabeth Short says:

Rick, do you always feel the need to correct Maria? Every video I have
seen, you have a reason to tell Maria that she is wrong in some way. Why is
it so important to do so? You come across as a jerk.

SeekerDomo says:

i wonder what you could come up with if you did cross some lines, i might
try it

LaurenM001 says:

Fabulous tangle and great video! I don’t think I could have figured out how
to do this one! Love the video tuts – hope you’ll post more… please? 🙂

ladyloneill says:

Thanks. I’ll change to HD and full screen. I knew I was being foolish.

LadyInTheTree says:

My boyfriend and I found your Zentangle books at our local craft store. I
am so excited that the idea has really taken off. I can NOT draw, but
tangling allows me to look like I am really good at creating complex
patterns (even though it is really simple to do) We live in Delaware, there
are no CZT in our area, but that just gives a reason to take a road trip!

Sue Zanker says:

OK, NOW I get it!! watching the video and stopping and starting and doing
it with you both makes the difference, as I have always been, a “show me”
rather than just a “tell me” person. Thanks to you both !

Nancy A says:

really beautiful tangle. Thanks so much for the tutorial! Nancy

Anyanya says:

hello!!!!! oh my god im in love with zentangle, and i make it too! 🙂 i
reall hope i can send you my zentangle and get a feedback but i dont know
where to send 🙂 really great art!!!

Betty Kim says:

See but this time it was very tiney

Jonathan Baetens says:

I’d love to see more of your videos!

carpsmarsh says:

Absolutely brilliant tangle! The simplicity of the design, the complicated
effect, and the exponential application has me so excited. I can see that
this will be a favorite!

Ann Hathaway says:

The videos help so much – LOVE this one! I’ll be seeing you in SEPTEMBER!! ♥

Donna DeCourcy says:

This would be a neat art idea for our students!

dearmalika says:

Wow! This is great!!!

Michele Bartley says:

‘What a great zentangle! I love your videos. Y’all make it look so easy!!!

Wendy Elf says:

Have you heard about how to Zentangle? Can’t wait to start……

Mary DeSimone says:

Enjoyed learned a lot from the video! Question: You are using a left-handed
calligraphy pen (or what appears to be one) at the beginning of the video,
though you look to be right handed?

Zentangle says:

Mary, it is not a left-handed pen, it is an oblique pen holder, used for
copperplate and Spencerian lettering. It’s just a bit weird looking. maria

Stineke westendorp says:


Jacob Goff says:

This is the best pattern ever!

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