Most Intricate Zentangle® (for me)

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So I spent 4hrs and 9seconds on this zentangle. I really like the way it turned out. Let me know if you like these more detailed projects and I’ll do some more. By the time I was done, I could no longer feel my right hand, but it was worth it I think. 🙂

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Melissa Vines says:

By far my favorite doodle tangle you have done. As a complete beginner I
would love to see some short videos on how you do some of your details, the
trees, flowers and some of the flourishing. Thank you so much for sharing
your wonderful work!

Cecilia Acha says:

Thanks for sharing this video!! I loved it! And I love the sweet voice of
your daughter! I´m from Argentina so I enjoyed both your Zentangle and your
English conversation! =)

Karichi Du Soleil says:

Awesome! My favorite parts are the little mushroom looking things. So cute.

arra altamera says:


Tiffany Lovering says:

I love trees and I think it looks neat in this tangle. Thanks!

hairbyjeorgina410 says:

Amazing and Inspiring!!!

Marysol Arellano says:

can’t wait till I’m able to tangle like this >.<

Julie Beard says:

Thank you so much for showing us your wonderful art. Yes it does take alot
of time doing big pieces and also alot of creative energy too. Speeding up
your work was necessary to create a short video, but I would love to see a
long one perhaps one day. Currently I’m doing a big piece of art too 13 x
20 inches.I guess it’s not too spontaneous but I don’t mind that either.

Rae Haller says:

I love, love, love this video! Your tangles are so inspiring. I would like
to ask one favor though…could you record your finished Zentangle piece of
art a bit longer at the end so we, the viewers can see how the entire piece
looks once it is finished? It is just gone way too quickly for me to enjoy
how each section looks. I am so glad I’ve found your channel. I also will
be checking out your daughters video too. Thanks for sharing, especially on
a daily basis! Rae

Brandy King says:

One of the best i’ve seen!

lvmykdzz says:

Wow! Can you tell me the name of the pens again. I didn’t get it the first
time thank you.

Tiffany Lovering says:

Thank you very much!

katherandefy says:

i very much enjoyed the convo in the vid and drawing is very inspiring. luv

Jen H says:

oh i wish i could do these, they are so neat. i had a friend that made me
one for Christmas last year.

Tiffany Lovering says:

Wow! I feel honored that you’ve been watching all my videos today. I
usually leave the finished piece up for 7 seconds which is long enough for
a watcher to pause the video if they want to really take a look at
everything that is done I am going to slow the videos down a little bit but
I really don’t want to go over 6 minutes for a video…although eventually
I might do a “real time” zentangle video. 🙂

Tiffany Lovering says:

Facebook(dot)com/tiffanytangles has all of my zentangles including this one!

zhengring says:

so beautyful!just

Tiffany Lovering says:

Thank you! I like this one too 🙂

Quilter Caroline H says:

Beautiful. A great piece of art. Great to hear from you both, I look
forward to tomorrow.

BisleyDoo says:

Fantastic tangle!

Cheryl Rotnem says:

I’ve been watching you for a while now. you are amazing and just finally
subscribed to your YouTube!!! I just became a CZT yeah.

Tammy Lynn Shepherd says:

Ur drawing is amazing!! Love it !

Cindy Mathewson says:

This is an awesome piece . you have re inspired me

Rick Turner says:

From way up in the Yukon…thumbs up!

antoerik says:

please can you write me the name of the pen (pen?) you are using in this
video? thank you so much!!

Tiffany Lovering says:

I don’t plan on what tangles to use ahead of time, I just let it evolve.
The hardest part for me is resisting the temptation just to draw the
tangles larger to get it done. I’m working on a 12×12 piece right now. I
just do a little bit each day to not overwhelm myself. Alli will be on
tomorrow…she still has to record her audio. Thanks for watching. 🙂

Sandra Knight says:

Wow! I love this tangle. A little bit of evrything and it all fits so
beautifully on the page. First time I have watched you and am going to sub
to your channel. tfs.

Vicki Willems says:

I’ve just subscribed to your channel. Love the style of your Zentangling.
The trees have som much texture. I’m still getting the hang of shading with
the micron pen. But, it’s getting better.

Tmbr65 says:

Love it! I have tried to do an 8 x 11 piece before, it seemed to take me
forever to decide what tangles to use. Do you plan yours out or just let it
evolve? Thanks for sharing, love your channel! Look forward to seeing Allie
(sp?) 8^D Blessings!

Eyesee Joe says:

You are Awesome! For so many years, I was doing zentangles in my art and
wasnt aware that it was indeed just that until people started to hashtag
the word on my social feeds. Now, I finally know how they are & seeing
people like yourself do it, makes it all the more beautiful. Thank you for
your video.

Wendy Griffin says:

That’s awesome! Loved watching and listening to your commentary with your

OFTwify says:

This is amazing. I’m been enlisted to create a tattoo for a friend of mine
using zentangle so I’ve been online researching and this is the best on
I’ve seen so far 😀

Abomansour Abdulaziz says:

Fantastic >> I like this thank you Tiffany

mesi238 says:

OMG! this is amazing! I do zentagla, but still ask myself what do next?
…I need to practice…a lot! LOL

Riley III says:

I was telling a friend about zentangle and this is just the perfect video
to post to her wall. Then I heard you were obsessed with TREEs so, if ya
want to get lost in a pen and ink forest look for theForestattheTREEproject
on facebook peace, TREE ON and keep Zenning

Judy Nave says:

Again you are amazing!!

Judy Nave says:

Love the more intricate zens…great work.

maryjanenherb says:

thank you for posting and sharing – love your work and how you cherish your
world and family thank you so much – a fellow doodling mom

Michelle Trimble says:

I loved the tree. I like it all, but the tree is my fav part.

Julie Andrieu says:

I fell in love with it, I am just starting yet but I completely enjoy this
kind of design!!!

Natalie Bradshaw says:

The fun thing about this is that I’m like, “Oh wow, I like it like this!
She should keep it that way!” And then you’ll add more to it and I’m like,
“I like it better like this!” It’s just a never ending process.

13Moondancer says:

Thumbs up!

2020SophieC says:

pussy willows XD

Cathy Ramsay says:

You have a wonderful gift:) Thank you for sharing all of your art, I’ve
seen many of your videos. I’m just getting started – wanting to be just
like you someday;)

A Happy Healthy Place says:

Beautiful work! You’re so talented and inspirational:)

Lee Readman says:

love it

Tiffany Filippini says:

this is incredible! i literally JUST started zentangling and im so excited
to get to your level! ive always been into arts and crafts but ive been
searching for something just like this for a long time, although i didnt
know that THIS was what i was looking for until recently! im having fun
learning the process!!

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