This is a great shading video, especially for art students, or those most interested in figure drawing. As a Zentangle artist, you can use these concepts in your own drawings. That said, I will be suspending the Shady Sundays series [More]
Asymmetrical graphic Zentangle using black micron and sharpie pens on white sketch paper.
What a lovely way to use Betweed as a fill! See more beautiful Betweed here:
Now, all we need is for a Zentangle lover to demonstrate each of these with various tangles. 🙂 Well, I can dream… Tangle on, Jane
One year ago we were busy drawing Pokeleaf over at Weekly Zentangle® Tangle Video Facebook group. Such happy memories! Enjoy all the episodes of Weekly Zentangle® Tangle Video here:
I’ve watched many, many of Mark’s videos. I like the style, approach, simplicity, good lighting, clear audio and fun. This video on cross-hatching applies to Zentangle in a shading capacity. Just as we might use stippling, cross-hatching is simply another [More]
with Suzanne McNeill. I try to keep this site non-commercial (donation only), and the videos instructional rather than product-based. Suzanne’s videos are right on the line and I deem them sufficiently instructional to share with you. I’m not endorsing books [More]