Although the links within the video do not function, Jo Hollander’s video series is a valuable archive for our ongoing Zentangle delvings… Enjoy! -Jane
Didn’t go to art school? Look at all the time and $$ you saved! Here’s a video packed with information on working with black ink. Zentangles are traditionally drawn with black ink on white paper, shaded with graphite gray pencil. [More]
Shading and blending go hand-in-hand. In this video, Deb shows how to softly build up pencil layers to move from a very dark area into a very light area. The effect is a dreamy background. You can use this technique [More]
Watch Zentangle Production Manager and inventor of the tangle Fife, Molly Hollibaugh as she examines the contents of a Renaissance and demonstrates how to draw Fife.
Many thanks to Sandy Steen Bartholomew, CZT for drawing the step-out for our tangle this week, Pokeroot. Ever and always we’ll be practicing, investigating and imagining this week’s tangle at our Facebook Group Weekly Zentangle® Tangle Video–WZTV. Please join us! [More]
Pens, pencils, markers, COLOR! Here’s a nice introduction to pastels and a comparison of the three types: soft chalk, hard chalk and oil. I’m a messy artist. Ink is good for me because it dries quickly. Pastels… well… I have [More]