See All Helen Williams’ lovely tangles here
Lindsay the Frugal Crafter has produced a very nice, succinct video showing the qualities of both alcohol and water markers. Enjoy!
One year ago, February 23, 2015, I started this adventure called Weekly Zentangle® Tangle Video. I knew that I loved to watch Zentangle® drawing videos and thought perhaps I wasn’t the only one. I started a Facebook group, first ever, started [More]
Copics in the Classroom shows “on-paper blending” (self-explanatory…) with three shades of the same color. You can use these techniques with any alcohol-based marker. Stay tuned for next Wednesday’s demo of Alcohol-based v. Water-based markers.
See All Helen Williams’ lovely tangles here
Zen Pen Wednesdays: If you’re a marker fan, you’ll love this demo of different markers! Yes, Copics are expensive. My question is this: Are you using your markers professionally, to make money or in the marketing of your art? Then [More]
Catching up with a video on a tangle we drew in November, 2015. The tangle “Well” is grid-based but can shift in a multitude of ways. Of course my gallery of artist-rogues stepped up and met the challenge with amazing [More]