Hello one and all, and welcome!

I’m Jane Dickinson, a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT™) and can be found online at The Mindful Drawer as well as here at VideoTangle.

My goal with this site is to create an homage to Zentangle® drawing and to have fun while encouraging *your* creativity. I love movies, and they’re a wonderful teaching tool. In addition, I have a deep desire to share both the process and results of Zentangle drawing.

Just because people often ask: “What’s the difference between Zentangle and Zentangle Inspired Art”?, here’s my take:

A “Zentangle” video focuses on the fundamental elements of Zentangle:
-Simple hand-drawn lines and curves
-No use of rulers, grid paper, stencils, compasses, french curves, or other drafting tools
-No erasers!
-No judgment of the results; every sincere effort has been a healthy journey
-Simple, non-representational patterns
-A sense of inclusivity: there are no mistakes in Zentangle
-General simplicity to the video, lack of overt commercialism, and enthusiastic encouragement to try Zentangle

“Zentangle Inspired” videos show drawings and demonstrations by those who have discovered the joy of Zentangle drawing and taken it in different directions. These might include, for instance, color, different substrates like fabric, gourds or jewelry, representational elements, or guidelines.

Not every video here is made by a CZT.  I’d like to demonstrate how accessible the art form is by showing videos from as many folks as possible, regardless of experience.

Still, no matter how wonderful the video, an in-person class with a CZT is not to be missed. A CZT trains directly with the founders of Zentangle®, Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts. You can learn more about them and about the Zentangle art form and philosophy at Zentangle.com. In addition, there is a list to find a CZT near you.  Suspend any skepticism you may have about “needing a teacher”. Treat yourself, your friend, your group, your community to the immersive encouter of a class with a CZT. It’s not just about the patterns, it’s about the process, and you will be enchanted by it.

If you are a student, teacher, experienced artist, or just happened to discover this site, I hope you will find inspiration here.

Zentangle: Relax. Enjoy.



If you have a Zentangle video you have produced that is, for instance, only published on your own website, and you would like it published here, just drop me a line at Jane (at) VideoTangle (dot) me

Note: this email address and website end in “.me” not “.com”