“Undine”: New original Zentangle® tangle pattern

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Jane Dickinson, CZT

Hope you enjoy this video of my new tangle pattern “Undine”! I had fun making it for you and if you use this pattern in your Zentangle drawing, please let me know, I’d be happy to feature your work on my website.

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Donna Scott says:

Hi Jane,
My name is Donna Scott and I’m a CZT in Salisbury, MA. I’d like to advertise your video website to my students in my monthly class invitation email to about 60 people, but I want your OK to do that before sending it out. I’ll be giving them the link: http://www.videotangle.me . Is that OK? Thanks, — Donna

VJ Jane says:

The more the merrier!!! This site is about education, sharing, fun and discovery! Share and share some more. Thank you, Jane
http://www.TheMindfulDrawer.com where you can download my FREE Zentangle ebook: “Tangling from the Edge: Collaborations in Mindfulness”

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