What is WZTV?

Weekly Zentangle® Tangle Video

At http://www.VideoTangle.me, I curate all content that comes through the big video sites like YouTube and Vimeo that have the word “Zentangle” either in the title or as a keyword. I preview every one of these videos. Disappointingly for me, there are *very* few that show the fundamentals of Zentangle®.

Since “Zentangle” is a top trending concept for 2015  (#5 IN THE WORLD!), I believe it’s the perfect time to show everyone what Zentangle is about from a personal, tile-by-tile, week-by-week perspective.

My proposal: To produce a weekly video slideshow of artwork from participants (you!). Each weeEnsemble Tile 5 450xk will feature an official Zentangle pattern (since there are Cadent_After 3 450xover 100 to choose from we’re all set for over 2 years…). I will announce to you the pattern on MONDAYS and provide the step-out for the pattern. You will have until the next Sunday midnight to submit to me. I’ll compile a video like this one

The previous week’s compilation video, professionally produced with soundtrack, will be published on Tuesdays.  You are welcome to link to the video from your site, in fact, I highly recommend that, for your own reach and search engine optimization (SEO).

I’ll put the step-out at the beginning of very video, followed by your images with your info.
This project is not limited to CZTs, on the contrary, jump in, share! We all started uncertainly as we discovered “Anything is possible… one stroke at a time!™

My objective is to showcase and educate about original, authentic Zentangle like we all first learned. Every artist returns to fundamentals of design: scale, form, focus, balance. We as Zentangle artists benefit from returning to the basics: Breathe, Dots, Border, String, Breath, Patterns,  Shade, Sign, Reflect, Enjoy. Your submissions must meet the following parameters

  1. Your drawing must be a 3.5″ x 3.5″ white paper (or Zentangle tile)
  2. Images must be tangled using black ink pen; Micron or similar. You can use any size Micron, but just as we learn in a 101-level class, mostly we’re using the 01
  3. Include any other tangle patterns and tangleations, along with the featured one–show your imagination!
  4. Strings are optional. A good compilation for inspiration can be found at Tanglepatterns-strings
  5. Shading (optional) to be with graphite pencil, any soft/harness. No shading with any other material.
  6. Sign/initial your tile as usual.   No other wording of any kind.
  7. No colored anything: tiles, paper, ink, etc.
  8. All work must be drawn by hand. No rulers, tracing, stamping, printing, or
  9. No representational images (filling in a kangaroo outline, etc.).
  10. In short, freely roam within the patterns themselves and let’s rekindle the wonder and variety that first captivated us with Zentangle.

Take the time to take a high-quality scan or photo of your image with excellent lighting to show your art.
You may have 3 lines of info such as Name, Website and Contact info.

Post your tile to the Facebook group. We all decided that it was easier to post there than to have everyone both post there *and* have to email me.

The cost to include your work is FREE. That said, it takes hours and hours every week for me to produce these videos for your enjoyment and instruction. All contributions greatly appreciated! You can use the PayPal button on the homepage

Tangle on,
Jane Dickinson, CZT 5 & 8