Zenspirations Patterned Monograms with Joanne Fink

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Calligrapher and designer Joanne Fink demonstrates how to draw easy and impressive patterned monograms. Download handouts at http://www.sakuraofamerica.com/z…

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Jordan Willis says:

Can you do a J or a W??

NathL Digiscrap says:

thank you for those beautifull ideas! Nathalie from France 🙂

Misha Melissa says:

i think this type of hobby is my stress reliever. it’s a shame that i
haven’t actually delved into this thing, when i love doodling and
handwriting/drawing letters. i’m inspired by this tutorial!

veeTV says:

wonderfully inspirational. you make it look so simple but it is an art!

Tai says:

awesome video! Thank you!

TrollLovesCoffee says:

It’s really amazing what simple shapes, figures and a lot of practice can
do. Really great video. I enjoyed every single second of it.

Mandy L says:

Love this! 🙂

9doves says:

I really love your whimsical lettering design. Your videos introducing the
Sakura product line have been very informative and so enticing, I want to
try everything!!! Please allow me to offer a critique of the video
production…..I do not understand the need for the cheesy, monotonous
sound track. It competes with your voice and does absolutely nothing to
enhance your message. If you believe that your audience can’t focus on
words alone, choose something that matches the quality of your prod

Sandra Knight says:

Gee, you made it look so easy! I must give it a try. tfs

RudeDudeKB says:

I loved this video. The lady has such a soothing voice and the bakground
musik is very nice.

darksidesr7 says:

beautiful and interesting video , tks so much, i love do that !!

Pedro Larroza says:

Gorgeous work, authentic style, great domain of the technique, and a lovely
speech pace! What an enlightened human being!

Liz w-D says:

i didn’t want to get into zentangle alphabet but after watc hing this video
I’m off to Chapters to buy the book!!

craftyhodges says:

wow! amazing work joanne!

PuddingFishCakes says:

This is beautiful!

Robert Henderson says:

just stumbled across this video theselettering styles have been originated
by peter thornton and sherrie kessel!

Nicholas Fakira says:

Do you always use the same size micron and if so what size or do you use
more than one micron and if so which sizes

CraftyBatz says:

Beautiful…… -3

Robbie Goddard says:

nice work, thank you 🙂

Vdeogamer says:

I always like watching you draw. Sometimes it’s hard to find time to watch
these drawing videos, but I usually end up coming back to them whenever I
can. Very inspirational!

maryjanew20 says:

Beautiful, just beautiful! Thank you for sharing your talents.

Daphne Lei says:

I like her argyle

lolzymolzy says:

Such beautiful inspiration! Thank you!

SakuraColorProducts says:

You can find some templates for Joanne’s letters on the Sakura website. See
the link in the video description and click on “Zenspirations Patterned

JulieTurrie says:

you are so fantastic 🙂 great idea & video.

Mixaleena says:

It’s really the ‘zentangle’ name, teaching methods and materials that are
copyrighted, they can’t really copyright an art that has been around ever
since pens have. (probably even earlier than that!) I agree that people
that are trying to profit on doodling are cheating people really. Shame on
you, Rick and Maria. Shame on you.

jean massey says:

Beautiful work

KonnyKrafter says:

I LOVE your work and watch these videos often and am inspired every time!
Thanx for sharing your talent! =-)

colorfulexpressions says:

Joann . . . this is magnificent! JUST purchased your Zenspirations
Patterned Monograms for my new Bernina Sewing Machine! Your ears must be
burning! We need to catch up! In JOY, Antoinette aka The Journal Lady®!

Annie Claxton says:

wow! thanks Joanne, I was mesmerised the whole way through – I’m sure it’s
not as easy as you made it look but I’m going to give it a go anyway! :o)

scrapnsmile says:

Awesome lettering ideas! TFS 🙂

Tabitha Chaney says:

can you do Tabitha Marie Chaney

RaspberryTTN says:

OMGosh, this is Totally Awesome! ❤ You’re an Awesome lady Joanne for
sharing your skill!

Bill Kerwood says:

Joanne, This is Be-You-ti-Full !!! Thank you for broadening my families
artistic horizons! May you continue to create & share! Thank you!

Bill Kerwood says:

Joanne, This is beautiful! Thank you for broadening my family’s artistic
horizons. Thank you for sharing! 

Morgan Lenton says:

So pretty!

Nina Borowski says:

could you show a J for me so I can follow the steps to do some lettering
for my horse’s name?that would be great and i love your work and letters.

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