“Betweed” demo by Zentangle® co-founder Maria Thomas

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Editor: The timing of this video is no accident. Here’s a chance for you to learn this awesome tangle and then see how everyone is drawing it this week at the Facebook Group Weekly Zentangle® Tangle Video. We’re galloping along with the be-loved, be-witching tangle and I know you’ll be inspired, too. Please give it a try and show us your Betweed! Tangle on, Jane

Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, creators of Zentangle®, show how to tangle “betweed.”

Zentangle is an easy to learn and relaxing method of creating beautiful images from structured patterns. We believe life is an art form and that Zentangle is an elegant metaphor for deliberate artistry in life.

Visit zentangle.com to learn more and for a list of Certified Zentangle Teachers.

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[…] loved how confidently he created this art. Notice how his first tangle pattern is the much-loved "Betweed". – […]

krotfang says:

I just saw this tangle on Monk’s blog and I have been intrigued. Thanks so
much for posting videos. Very cool.

Dennis Hcker says:


Jane Stewart says:

this was great! although I need a finer nibbed pen (used a sharpie) so that
the designs will look more beautiful. Had forgotten how much i enjoy
doodling. Thankyou for inspiration and fun!

Scarycheri1 says:

this was fun to watch and to hear you. Love the lettering at the beginning
too. Been a fan for a couple years now.

john dyhouse says:

Love this technique, showing it coming together is so much easier to
follow, than your admittedly excellent diagrams

JoAnn McBrady says:

I really enjoyed what you did with the lines and adding the weights of
color on the ends does create a whole new way of looking at it, and also
adds a bit of dimension at the same time. Thank you JoAnn McBrady

Allie Grant says:

Thats amazing.i hope i can learn to do this . it dont look that
difficult..with a little practice. i know from what i ee and here..there is
100s of designs.

Somara Son says:

I think you two and Zentangle are awesome! I’m a teenager that loves
drawing and I don’t think I could think of anyone else that could come up
with all of these amazing techniques! Thank you!

lulahgirl14 says:

The mans voice scared me to death ._.

GeminiDolly says:

Thanks for the video. Looking forward to more. Love the intro. What type of
pen is that for the into?

Darlene Bromberger says:

I am just starting to tangle and I find it a lot of fun. Just practicing
right now and sometimes I’m not getting it. But time will tell. Thank you
for creating this new art. Love it. Dar.

Kathy Bridges says:


martinez3178yt says:

Must you use the type of utensil you mentioned in the beginning I forget
the exact name but u said it was a #1….?

TheKipkoz says:

This is GREAT. Using the video is a nice tool.

Zentangle says:

We only have so much time in these videos, you could certainly take as much
time as it takes to be happy with your work. I am an artist, by trade (most
of my life) and I tend to do things very quickly. I purposely slowed my
pace down as much as I could. You can spend 15 minutes on a tile or
luxuriate and spend 15 hours. It is all up to you. Enjoy the process, love
the results. Maria Thomas

Linda DesGroseilliers says:

Fantastic video! Thanks so much for sharing. This is probably my favorite
tangle so far. Hope there are more YouTube videos in your (our) future.

Sharon Heatherly says:

I heard of zentangle 2 days ago and have been glued to you tube. if I
wanted to try to make earrings maybe with the art, can you please tell me
what material I would need to put the zentangle on? thanks so much and God
Bless You for sharing your talents

MarleneMAZ says:

Love the video, thank you so much. Would love to see more 🙂

kendahke says:

I just want to know how to not fling ink on the page when inking. I’ve
ruined a number of inkings because my pen spit ink. Lovely work.. it looks
relaxing to do.

Penny Arrowood says:

Bravo! This was a lovely treat! …can’t wait to see more!

Pam Crusberg says:

Oh, what a great pattern! I’m working on one of my first and couldn’t think
of what pattern to use next. I’m definitely going to try this one. Thanks!

Sandy R says:

great video! I just took Pat Ferguson’s zentangle class today, can’t wait
to try more. I think your first video here is a huge success!!!

amjPeace says:

I was so relaxed watching Maria tangle, and when Rick spoke ever so quietly
I jumped a mile LOL

Paulina Lareau says:

All while watching this video I kept thinking that I could do this with
silk. I could first draw then apply my silk. Has anyone tried this? A
friend of yours sent me to you and I have not been this inspired in
forever. Now to my sewing room. You are a beautiful soul.

Rita Peretto says:


juntartful says:

wouldn’t it look better if you take your time on some parts?

wcbdoodle says:

How wonderful! I enjoyed the variations you shared and how much you
compliment eahc others styles. Thx, Wendy Brown, CZT

Jean Ellison says:

This is lovely. Didn’t like the shading

Cindy Blevins says:

I don’t know why anyone would think the calligraphy at the beginning was
distracting. I was in awe of it. I’ve never heard of Zentangle before, but
now I am going to give it a try. Thanks for the lovely video (and your
website, where I plan to purchase your kit.)

C Johnson says:

I have been waiting for this one since I first saw it on your blog! Thank
you for sharing this.

Laura Harms says:

woops sound is working now.

skjacobs says:

Thank you! It really helps to see you work.

Fielderfarms says:

Awesome….Thank You

Virginia Njeri K. says:

Oh how you tempt me into making an order for the zentangle kit.

Laura Broadwater says:

question how much drawing can u do with that pen before the ink runs out?

skyfire62 says:

very good tutorial ..I have been drawing feather type doodles because I
hope to start machine quilting them on my quilts. I think getting into
doing zentangles will help me be a better quilter/thread artist.. Please do
more videos! Thank you!

maria ganon says:

translation for the English speakers out there: thank you very much for
sharing this technique which creates a beautiful final composition, and i
think it helps with inner peace. a salute from Peru.

fxn2stamp says:

Would have loved to have been able to hear the dialog! With YouTube sound
and my sound turned all the way up, I still couldn’t hear it!!!!!!

mary tilley says:

I’ve done this for years (now 64 yrs young!!) and finally there is a name
for it. Thank you, I love it!! I’m really fascinated by all the creativity
the world over. Such lovely and intricate designs. This is fantastic!!

usaearthling says:

I used to doodle as a teen and it gave me so much pleasure to do so,
however Zentangle is a much more classy version, very creative and a great
work of art. Enjoyed this very much. Look forward to more videos-tfs.

Ryan Rivera says:

While I don’t deny the simple pleasure of the Zentangle, I must admit that
the most skill I witnessed in this video was in the calligraphy at the
beginning. Personally, the first 30 seconds of calligraphy distracted me
from the next 14 minutes of Zentangle. And that pen was absolutely
fantastic, with it’s offset nib.

dragongourd says:

Love it, love it, love it! Thanks so much for sharing it.

Daniel Chae says:

There’s a reply button….

Gail Y says:

Thank you for sharing your genius. I found you today through Rhodia Drive,
and my Rhodias are filling up with the first drawings I’ve ever done that I
am proud of. More important, though, zentangles make me feel wonderful. O
wondrous day!

suezn5 says:

I’m so happy to see you posting a video. Seeing how to shade was most
helpful. The tangles I can follow step by step from directions, but having
a vid for the shading options would be really nice. I look forward to more
of your posts. ps thx for explaining the name of the tangle in your email

tbirdie62 says:

Love the new tangle…so beautiful! Your calligraphy is awesome, too! Must
go try new tangle. Keep doing YouTube, this is great!

christine ruggiero says:

Absolutely incredible!!!! Love your unique creativity~

22greengo says:

I did that when I was 5

Tamaresque IsMyAlias says:

Are those zebra finches in the background? 🙂

artfan101 says:

I’ve been doing stuff like this in my sketchbooks and notebooks for a while
now. I never knew there was a name for it.

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