Mooka: Official Zentangle® pattern

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Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, founders of Zentangle®, show how to tangle “Mooka.”

Zentangle is an easy to learn and relaxing method of creating beautiful images from repetitive patterns. We believe life is an art form and that Zentangle is an elegant metaphor for deliberate artistry in life.

Visit to learn more and for a list of Certified Zentangle Teachers.

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WillowLovesReborns says:

He scared me too!! LOL I wasn’t going to confess that but since you did, I
will too! 🙂

Julie Hyland says:

cool variation on a theme!!!

elisabeth nerolk says:

i do not want to be nasty, cause i love to draw myself and do arts, but the
thing showing at 1.52 and earlier.. looks sorta like an ear or … ahem….
i am so sorry…. a women’s hooha i am very sorry to say that.. BUT I THINK

Sam Matthews says:

I learned how to do zentangles from my art teacher

Nichimoon says:

people disliked this because they couldn’t figure it out. =I

Laura Broadwater says:

i used to draw like this in school when i was bored i used to just think it
was like fancy scribbling 🙂

Pat McCarty says:

This is great..I can’t wait to try it. Zentangles are wonderful and so
realaxing. You just never know what you are going to end up with. Relax and
let it flow.

Luciana Ferreira says:

Congratulations on the very didactic and exciting way you both found for
showing the tecknic.

Denise Lacerte says:

wow this is very very interesting, thank you for sharing your video. This
would very interesting to create as a quilt top. Nice photo of you too. 🙂

achimwasp says:

I love your Copperplate calligraphy! Gorgeous. But I’m also a fan of Mucha.
So thank you for this video.

ASLHusky1 says:

I would like to see more video hope you would start to make more video on

Rexie R says:

Forget the Mooka…what’s that pen?! LOL

mari hop says:

sooooo cool. love it. marina 🙂

lisa marie scatalini says:

I want a pen like you do the writing with! where can I get one ? name of
it? looks so wonderfilled!

Elise le Comte says:

Wow! Amazing! I’m gonna try it!

Bridger Spearing says:

I took the pod idea and added onto it to make a new type of pod then i put
my own designs around it. ITS SO COOL! thank you!!

gunscratch says:

I am a hand engraver by trade and this video has been quite inspirational.
When I get time I’m going to give it a go. Many thanks.

sorcierenblk3000 says:

THANX SO MUCH!!! I am soo addicted now!

Maryfrances Botkin says:

I’ve been drawing this shape for forty years. Don’t try to copyright this!

KRYLOK says:

So glad I discovered this! Beautiful, simple, satisfying, and amazing.
Thank You

skyfire62 says:

Beautiful and fun…Is that a unprinted coaster you draw on? where do you
buy your squares?

Zentangler says:

How long does it take to be really good?

Geener Beener says:

thank you!

Shoshi Platypus says:

I’ve been trying this one. It definitely takes a lot of practice! Hoping to
achieve a higher standard with further practice.

Minecraftmasters7035 says:

Wow respect much

Sascha Reh says:

Thank you so much for uploading, now I have a knew conception from art
itself! I#m really thankful!

MagnaCartaTwo says:

Has anyone ever done a Mooka MOOC?

Geener Beener says:

what do you use in the very beginning like in the intro?

bhonisch says:

Rick and Maria – I was supposed to be doing work, was looking at journaling
books, which then linked me to zentangle.. already did the betweed which
looked good. Having a hard time making this look good but fun trying.. You
both have some gorgeous designs and maybe when I have some good ones in pen
I’ll send them along! You gave this scientist a much needed lab break, some
new fun for my sketchbook!!!

13Moondancer says:

Is there a copyright on the style? Obviously I don’t mean copying but using
your method in my own way, with the intention of selling as my work?
Thanks. Love the video.

Zentangle says:

an online store called Paper and Ink Arts

manuel magallanes says:

like a model type tattoo nice one

patriciagdrn says:

THANK YOU, THANK YOU for sharing and teaching us! Videos SO HELPFUL! Will
watch over and over.

Teresa Shirley says:

Fun to watch

dearmalika says:

En una tienda especializada en productos de dibujo y diseño y artes

dearmalika says:

Amazing and fantastic work! Thank you for posting it!

kris Lasky says:

First time I have ever seen anything like this it is truly amazing!! Thank
you for sharing and I am going to try this right now. Thanks again

juan carlos treviño says:

exelentes formas con los fractales

Zentangle says:

thank you Juan Carlos. maria

A Party With The Devil says:

Why did you draw that loopy thing at the start of it before you started
drawing the Mooka? So it kind of follows it?

Zentangle says:

That is the pencil “string” we fit the tangles in. It is a suggestion as to
where to place tangles. You can see I sometimes fit them in, and sometimes
ignore it. The beauty of the Zentangle Method. The pencil string disappears
when the Zentangle is complete. Like a magic trick.

SparkyCola3 says:

Are we watching the same video? I’m completely baffled as to what you’re
talking about. I’ve seen all the vids and Rick hasn’t put Maria down at
all. Do you have any specific examples as to what I’m missing?

Zentangle says:

yes. it is called a “pencil string” and the tangles fit in the spaces. m

Yasmin Saud says:

niiiiiiiiiice ! going to try it out right now 😀

shadowfax says:

I like the way you present new tangles and your musings as you go along.
I’d love to see more videos from you that follow this basic format. Other
videos are in time lapse so they’re frenetic and have bad music instead of
a nice calming voice. But yours are so accessible, well-paced and warm. …
Please make more!

bologna baka says:

What is that thing you are using at the beginning? 

brad stefanov says:

this looks really cool!!

Vicky Gingerbread says:

I dont see the point of zentangle. ? Why is everyone so obsessed? I mean do
you do something with them?

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